Hi everyone, my name is Maggie Cumberland-Miller and I am Solanco Neighborhood Ministries Intern for this Spring. I am studying to receive my Master’s in Social Work from Temple University, and my concentration is in Management and Planning. Interning at S.N.M. provides me with a wonderful, unique opportunity of working closely with the Executive Director, Teresa Dolan, and the Community Support Specialist, Hannah Linde.

I received my Bachelor’s in Social Work from Mansfield University in August 2014. Through my work at S.N.M. I have been able to experience my classroom lessons come to life in areas of networking, fundraising, community partnerships, client interactions, program development, and problem solving.

I am a busy mother of two, but when I can spare a free moment for myself I enjoy reading, nature and music. My favorite color is baby blue, my favorite animal is the wolf and my favorite food is a good cheesesteak. I chose to study Social Work because I think that we all have the potential to grow, and that one person can truly make a difference.