Solanco Food Bank

We are an emergency food bank. We strive to meet the needs of individuals and families in times of crisis, and help them get back on their feet. Individuals can use the food bank when in a crisis situation or once every 3 months, if the situation has not resolved.

If you need help, come to the food bank and meet with our volunteers who will collect information about your income, expenses, household members, and other needs besides food.

What we need from you:

  • Proof of income, if applicable (pay stubs, SS, SSI, SSD, child support, etc.)
  • Recent bank statement
  • Photo ID
  • Proof of address, if not on income or bank statements (utility bill, lease agreement, etc.)

Orders are usually scheduled within 1-2 days of meeting with a Solanco Neighborhood Ministries volunteer.

SWEEP (Student Week End Eating Program)

Students who qualify receive a bag of food to take home over the weekend that includes 2 breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack items, as well as a milk voucher. SWEEP is for students in grade K-6 who are eligible for the free breakfast / lunch program at the elementary and middle schools listed below.  For more information, call the Guidance Office at your child’s school.

**A Summer SWEEP program is also available…ask your school counselor for more details!

  • Bart-Colerain Elementary School – 717.529.2181
  • Clermont Elementary School – 717.548.2742
  • Martic Elementary School – 717.284.4128
  • Providence Elementary School – 717.786.3582
  • Quarryville Elementary School – 717.786.2546
  • Smith Middle School – 717.786.2244
  • Swift Middle School – 717.548.2187

Holiday Food Boxes

We provide Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas food baskets to individuals who use the food bank. Our meals come complete with turkey/ham, all the fixings, and dessert! Advance sign-ups required and your information must be up-to-date.

Community Garden

Thanks to the HS students from the Ag program who till the ground, we grow and tend two gardens (at the food bank and Quarryville Library). Produce collected is given to food bank clients. We provide recipes and storage directions too! Individuals can stop in once a week during regular business hours and take the fresh vegetables they will use. We also accept donations from farmers and home gardeners (please note: we cannot accept home canned goods).

Food Bank Needs:

  • ham OR $15 gift cards to FH or Mussers

  • 1 lb bag of long carrots

  • small can frozen OJ

  • brown sugar

  • cabbage

  • mayo

  • fresh potatoes

  • margarine

  • vanilla/white cake mix

  • vanilla icing

  • bag of shredded coconut

  • Jelly beans

  • plastic eggs

  • assortment of candy (for filling plastic eggs)